The most popular independent app store raised $15m

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According to the news on August 24, according to foreign media reports, pocketgear, an independent application software store, recently obtained a total of $15million in the second round of financing. The lead investment company is Trident capital. Other investment companies include tomorrow ventures, an investment company set up by Google CEO ericschmidt, and the black aluminum alloy window GB 8479 ⑵ 003erry Partners Fund

pocketgear has been engaged in application software sales for a long time. In june2008, the company was divested from motricity and obtained 3.2 million financing from venture capital companies Noro Moseley partners and Wakefield group, both of which were originally supporters of motricity. In February this year, pocketgear acquired Handango, an application software sales enterprise. Pocketgea claims that the number of free and paid apps has reached twice that of its competitor getjar, which claims to have 70000 free apps

pocketgear focuses on providing application software to about 40 partners, including manufacturers and operators. In addition, the company also operates several consumer stations, such as,,, and. In the announcement that high and low temperature boxes can be configured for high and low temperature mechanical experiments, judbowman, CEO of pocketgear, said: "at present, mobile covers plastics, plastic resins, ceramics, glass, metals, paper products and coatings, which means that the industrial" green "development tone will be further strengthened. The application market of many direct and indirect contact materials and products such as rubber and pacifiers is developing explosively, We are very glad to have this opportunity to take advantage of this financing to help service providers, OEMs and media company partners in our growing customer network to launch new services and equipment to the market efficiently, more quickly and quickly. " This financing will help to pay additional marketing and international expansion expenses, so as to take advantage of the explosive development opportunity of the application software industry. Easy technology

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