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Dalian independent innovation heart stent broke the monopoly pattern of Johnson & Johnson in the United States. On the 20th, the signing ceremony for the international verification of Dalian independent innovation heart stent products hosted by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Dalian University and undertaken by Liaoning biomedical materials R & D Center Co., Ltd. was held in Shangri La Hotel. Quxiaofei, vice mayor of Liaoning biomedical materials research and Development Center Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and issued the Dalian independent innovation product certificate of Yinyi micro blind hole drug loaded heart stent

in recent years, focusing on the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China and the construction of innovative cities, the city has adhered to the development of high-tech industries as the main line, continuously improved the independent innovation ability of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and initially formed a modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry cluster with certain characteristics. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry will become a new growth point to promote the future economic development of our city. Liaoning biomedical materials R & D Center Co., Ltd. has incubated high-tech enterprises by relying on the R & D strength of Dalian University and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements with the strong support of the Municipal Bureau of science and technology for nearly ten years. The company not only created the heart stent products with independent intellectual property rights for micro blind hole drug delivery, broke the technological monopoly of developed countries, making Dalian the most unique heart stent production base in China, but also successfully found a way to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements through the combination of production, study, research and application, The fatigue crack growth test has also made great contributions to the national economy and national defense construction, and achieved good economic and social effects, such as the benefits of de capacity

it is understood that the polymer coated heart stents produced by Johnson & Johnson currently occupy the largest market share in the world. In order to further verify the advanced performance of Yinyi brand micro blind hole drug loaded heart stent and promote Dalian's independent innovative heart stent products to seize the domestic and foreign markets, Liaoning biomaterial R & D Center Co., Ltd. invested nearly 10 million yuan, and cooperated with the international famous electronic data acquisition provider 2. The jaws of hydraulic universal testing machine are often used - American medical data solutions company Beijing Yihe Zhice Consulting Co., Ltd., the most authoritative clinical research institution in the cardiovascular field in China, cooperated with the first hospital of Peking University and 46 grade III grade a medical institutions in China to conduct prospective, multi center, single blind and random international control verification on Yinyi brand micro blind drug loaded heart stent approved and registered by the State Food and Drug Administration and Johnson & Johnson polymer coated stent, Strive to form internationally recognized medical data after about three years of comparative verification, so as to further determine the safety, economy and effectiveness of Yinyi stent products

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