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At 23:31 on November 30, the 110 command center of Yantai Laishan public security branch suddenly received an alarm: there was a robbery at the east gate of Qingquan school. Wangshanjun, the officer on duty of the command center, quickly contacted the reporter. The person who reported the

case was a couple of college students from a nearby university. When they were walking at the east gate of Qingquan school, they were stopped by two young men riding motorcycles. The tall man on the bike straddled the car. The short man in the back seat held a dagger and stole one and dozens of yuan

20 police cars surrounded the two robbers

23:32. Officer Wang arranged staff to retrieve the surveillance video of the west gate and the north gate of Yantai University. He noticed that during the case period, the two boys rode a pedal motorcycle along Qingquan road to drive through the west gate and the north gate of Yantai University, heading north. His physical features were consistent with the description of the informant. Officer Wang determined that the two men were the suspects of robbery. After mastering the physical characteristics of the robber and the escape route, officer Wang immediately reported the case to the patrol brigade and the nine police stations in the region through the handheld and issued arrest instructions. In just three minutes, more than 20 police vehicles and more than 60 police forces of Laishan police launched an arrest operation in the whole region

At about

24, Jiao Xiang, a policeman of Wanghai police station, led a community joint defense team member to drive a police car from Guanhai road to Hongqi middle road to patrol westward. When he was in the vicinity of Taiwan village, about 1000 meters away from Kuixing tower tunnel, Jiao Xiang noticed that a scooter was parked on the roadside in front of him. Two guys, one tall and one short, were wandering around the roadside. Their physical characteristics were consistent with the 110 instruction description, so he drove up to prepare for investigation. When the two boys saw a police car coming, they suddenly jumped onto the motorcycle together. The tall man made a sharp turn and drove to the east to escape. Jiao Xiang had already made preparations. When the motorcycle just started the aluminum alloy door GB 8478 ⑵ 003, the speed was slower than mutual understanding, mutual cooperation and customer satisfaction. He suddenly inserted the car horizontally, forcing it to the edge of the green belt

at this time, the short man on the back seat of the motorcycle jumped onto the road, crossed the green belt and rushed to the nearby old residential area. Jiao Xiang and the joint defense team jumped out of the car quickly. The tall man who was riding on the car had no time to escape and was subdued on the spot. On this person, the police found a part and other stolen goods robbed by the female college student

seeing that the short man has disappeared into the night, considering the complex surrounding terrain, it is difficult to catch him. Jiao Xiang immediately reported the arrest to officer Wang of the 110 command center through the platform. Police officer Wang immediately ordered the patrol cars of chujia police station, Yingzhou Street police station, qingquanzhai border police station, Binhai police station, Wanghai police station and patrol brigade to rush to the rescue

police cars roared from different directions, and began to chase and intercept in several directions where the robbers might escape. After that, more than 20 criminal police, patrol police and police station police launched a large-scale search overnight

11 "painters" from Henan robbed

at the same time, the police of the Criminal Police Brigade suddenly tried the robbers at the scene. It turned out that the robber, surnamed Li, was from Luyi County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province. He came to Yantai with a group of fellow villagers and specialized in painting the exterior wall of the building. According to Mr. Li, he was the first time to rob and commit a crime. Many fellow villagers who worked with him committed cross Gang robbery

according to Mr. Li's account, several of his fellow offenders are living in several villages around Fanghua garden. The Criminal Police Brigade organized the police force overnight. Under the leadership of Mr. Li, it launched a series of attacks in the early morning of December 1. After taking an advanced step to improve the research and development level of both sides, it captured five suspect who were still asleep

after interrogating six suspect, the Criminal Police Brigade cracked a series of robbery and theft cases in Yantai and Weihai

"these people are Spiderman who works high above the ground during the day. At night, they become demons who rob with knives and sticks. They are also an amateur thief gang." According to linxiaokai, an investigator of the Criminal Police Brigade, there are 11 Henan workers who specialize in the painting of building exterior walls. The oldest is 25 years old and the youngest is 18 years old. Most of them are from a township of Luyi County, Zhoukou City, and the rest are from other counties of Zhoukou city

these workers have been in Yantai for a long time. They have stolen more than 20 motorcycles in various places before. Three months ago, they went to Weihai Wendeng to do some work. During this period, he robbed a pedestrian and obtained more than 1700 yuan of stolen goods. In order to escape the attack of Wendeng police, they returned to Yantai half a month ago. Because they had tasted the sweetness, they planned to commit robbery again. At most, six people robbed together. Later, because there were many people sharing the stolen goods, they dispersed and took the form of cross Gang robbery. In just half a month, they committed seven more robberies in Yantai

when robbing, these suspect carry knives or swing sticks and commit crimes at night. When there are few people on the road, when they meet someone they think they can deal with, they will come forward and threaten to rob with arms. Often, without saying a word, they just punch and kick the victim, and then rob him. At present, the six suspect suspected of robbery have been detained by Laishan police according to law. At the same time, the degradation time needs to be determined according to the humidity of the landfill land, and the police should be organized to fully pursue the five fugitive suspect

the robber earned 6000 yuan a month and claimed to be "guilty of robbery"

yesterday morning, before six suspect were sent to Yantai detention center, he made a special trip to Laishan criminal police brigade to interview Li who was caught on the spot

Li is very energetic. He wears black clothes and black shoes. There are traces of paint on his clothes. He said that he had no work in recent days and was a little short of money. On the night of the crime, he and a fellow countryman were drinking in a small restaurant around the old road of the Cao family. They noticed that there were a large number of immigrants outside. After drinking, they had the idea of robbery

in the interview, Li told that when he was drinking, the fellow townsman always encouraged him to rob, and he only agreed. At the time of robbery, he was responsible for driving to meet them. At that time, he was afraid that he had backed out, but he failed to resist the temptation in the end

when he drove away, he felt a little sorry: "it is not easy for college students to spend their family money. It is not easy for people to earn money. They feel guilty for forcibly robbing people." Li said that if he works every day, he can earn more than 6000 yuan a month. After deducting the factors of no work, he can earn about 5000 yuan a month, and his income is not low

why rob with such a high income? Li explained that her mother died in 2006, and her father, sister and brother were still at home. He sent 2000 yuan a month home to subsidize his family. In addition, I have to take out hundreds of yuan to rent a house. The remaining 2000 yuan is spent on me. Although I don't have any girlfriends, I like to get together and drink with fellow villagers. I usually treat myself well in terms of food and drink. Basically, I am a moonlight clan. Because I didn't work for a few days, I was short of money and drank wine. I couldn't stand the villagers' chatter and embarked on the road of crime

link: according to the relevant person in charge of Laishan public security branch, since this year, Laishan public security branch has sent a large number of police vehicles and police forces to strengthen patrols throughout the region. At the same time, it has strengthened the construction of a monitoring system integrating "fighting and prevention" and installed cameras in all key parts of the jurisdiction, which has greatly strengthened the monitoring of the situation in the jurisdiction, especially for criminals, especially robbers Street crimes such as robbery have had a great deterrent effect. This year, the number of robberies in Laishan District dropped by 43% compared with last year. In the last two months, there have been no other robberies in Laishan district except the case of robbing college students' lovers that was quickly solved

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