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In recent years, the problem of counterfeiting the name of tree species in the floor market, that is, the name of tree species indicated on the commodity is inconsistent with the identification results, and most of them are shoddy, such as using birch as cherry wood, using Southeast Asian miscellaneous wood as imported red sandalwood and pumping wood, and naming Gamba beans produced in Indonesia "Jinbuhuan", has misled consumers

some manufacturers illegally "label" their own floor, affix the trademarks and names of some famous brands on the floor or packaging, or adopt similar names or patterns, so as to confuse the vision of consumers. These non-standard phenomena

not only damage the rights and interests of consumers, but also damage the reputation of enterprises, resulting in "promotional activities" in the market, no matter how attractive, consumers have developed a "calm" heart

1. Promotion is not worthy of the name

some small flooring companies often launch some "special price products" and "low price products" activities in order to promote sales. In fact, it is some defective products or fake inferior products. Once there is a problem, when the consumer proposes to return the goods, the other party will always refuse on the ground that the special offer is not returned or changed

2. Sales of processed products and qualified products

sell qualified products to consumers first, and then mix with some defective and defective products when paving, so as to deceive consumers. Or sell the floor with good quality and the floor with poor quality at the same price. Or mix high-end products with similar color and texture and cheap products for sale

3. Floor with unusual specifications

the specifications and sizes of floor with common specifications have been widely recognized by consumers, but there are occasional floor with unusual specifications in the market. These mostly belong to processed products, such as changing the problematic large board into a small board, or leftover materials. There is also a fatal consequence of buying a floor with unusual specifications: if there is a problem with a small area of the floor, you can't buy back the same specification of plates in the market, and you have only two options: demolishing the floor in the whole house or changing the material

4. There are differences in wood materials and great price differences

individual enterprises do not process differently according to the quality of wood materials (such as differences in heart and sapwood), but mix them together and sell them to consumers

5. Make an issue of pavement

many floor sellers will provide laying services, and the cost is particularly low. The reason is that dealers subcontract floor laying to non-standard decoration teams. In addition, some sellers seem fair and reasonable in the price of the floor, but they overcharge on the floor pavement and ask consumers for various fees




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