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Youyin cloud customer service: help more enterprises to upgrade their digital services

in recent years, the customer service industry as a whole is undergoing transformation and upgrading from labor-intensive to technology intensive. According to the data of T Research Institute, the revenue of the customer service market in 2019 has exceeded 1.3 billion, and the compound growth rate has been maintained at 50% so that there are considerable bubbles in the samples. Among them, financial and Internet enterprises have contributed nearly one third of the high-value customers to the cloud customer service market, E-commerce, culture and education, entertainment services and other industries have also shown strong demands for cloud customer service in recent years

enterprise transformation needs to redefine the top-level design from top to bottom. Of course, it also needs the underlying technology foundation with innovation and vitality. With the application of AI and 5g technologies, the integration of cloud customer service with industry scenarios has deepened day by day, and its position in the development of enterprises has also changed qualitatively. The number, frequency and intensity of connections between enterprises and users have undoubtedly become one of the cores of the business competition of the next generation of enterprises. However, the high cost and difficulty of early investment, the need to invest a lot of resources for later maintenance after completion, and the poor iteration ability, which is difficult to meet the long-term development needs of enterprises and other practical problems, have deterred many enterprises from building their own customer service system. Except for those enterprises that have a strong demand for data security and regard customer service as their main business, most enterprises prefer four types: they prefer to rent the existing mature cloud customer service system

Youyin cloud customer service product is a professional call center management platform, which provides several deployment modes of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. It can be deployed on demand to easily realize instant start and use. It can solve the problem of customer service application platform in one stop, saving large construction costs for enterprises and greatly shortening the online cycle. Based on the special situation since 2020, Youyin cloud customer service can support enterprises to open remote service marketing business at any time without time and space constraints, and support multi terminal access, multi seat rental, cross regional synchronous use, etc. In terms of internal management, Youyin cloud customer service can also provide various customer service data, reports, customer service records, call recordings, etc. the enterprise can analyze the work results of customer service through complete data and records without any damage, get the most accurate customer service performance indicators, and give comprehensive evaluation results

in business promotion, Youyin cloud customer service supports multiple channel access methods such as call center, enterprise station, microblog, app and e-mail, and makes detailed records on the path source and communication records of consulting customers. While improving the overall work efficiency, it helps enterprises improve the conversion rate, understand the user track and user portrait, and further optimize the market launch. In addition, in recent years, Youyin cloud customer service has also been undergoing iterative upgrading. Recently, it has also added a voice call real-time transcribing function to ensure the real-time and accurate presentation of communication information. The customer service system operates efficiently and continuously improves user satisfaction

nowadays, Youyin cloud customer service has successfully provided hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers with safe and reliable services. Since 2000, the project team has been committed to the basic and industrial research of polyglutamic acid and polylysine. The Intelligent Cloud customer service system is not only changing the development mode of the entire customer service industry, but also promoting the all-round upgrading of traditional enterprises from product and service marketing. I believe that in the future, with the help of Youyin cloud customer service, the work of enterprise customer service personnel will be more efficient and convenient, and the enterprise management will be more intelligent and perfect

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