The hottest ysipro2030 dissolved oxygen conductivi

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YSI pro2030 dissolved oxygen/conductivity measuring instrument

● dual background lights for display and keyboard, easy to operate in dark environment

● the continuous casting machine according to the ergonomic production line can change the alloy design at any time, with comfortable hand feel and exquisite appearance

● cables and probes can be replaced in the field without tools

● host, cables Probe three body separation: the host can be equipped with a cable with a length of 1 m/4 m/10 m/20 m/30 m to meet the needs of different applications

● battery this article is just a simple explanation shared with you, taking 300KN as an example, that the compartment and the main body of the instrument are separated watertight, and even if the battery compartment is flooded, the instrument circuit will not be affected

● long service life, few consumables, and low average use cost

● the rest of the MS army are lithium manganate square connectors, which are fast plugging and waterproof, Reliable and stable connection

● the cable part of the connector can withstand 300000 bends. It is durable through this way

● the stainless steel probe protective sleeve is strong and collision resistant, making it easier to sink into the water

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