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On April 23, fanwenhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the school of machinery and rolling stock of Beijing University of technology, and his party came to Yuchai for investigation and exchange. The two sides had a discussion on student internship, technical exchange, talent training and other businesses. At the meeting, both sides expressed their intention of school enterprise cooperation

yebin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Co., Ltd., introduced Yuchai's current sales, service and talent flow, and hoped that the university could introduce more excellent talents to Yuchai, and the two sides would strengthen further communication and cooperation

the school said that it would try its best to make local stress concentrate to meet the recruitment requirements of Yuchai, and suggested that Yuchai actively carry out publicity on corporate culture and industry development status in the off-season recruitment

during this discussion, the two sides preliminarily reached an intention of school enterprise cooperation

2012, tanguirong, who was then the assistant general manager of Yuchai, led a team to visit Beijing University of technology to communicate with the University's leaders and expert professors, such as Professor Zhang Ying, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, hujibin, vice president of the school of machinery and rolling stock, and so on. During the discussion, tanguirong introduced Yuchai's enterprise strength and development plan to the University, and expressed strong cooperation intention on the development of Yuchai's reliability technology improvement project, the introduction of talents from Beijing University of technology and the training of Yuchai's reserve force of expert team. Hujibin introduced the school to tanguirong and others. Finally, the two sides reached an agreement on the establishment of mutual visits between schools and enterprises, strengthening mutual complementarity between schools and enterprises, resource sharing, jointly building a talent exchange platform, and carrying out industry university research cooperation

it is understood that Beijing University of technology is a national key university focusing on science and engineering with coordinated development of science, technology, management and culture. In recent years, the University's technology in diesel engine power test and application has occupied the leading level in the domestic special loosening industry. Among them, the cultural concept of "love bearing" of Jinan experimental machine factory for cylinder head heat is expressed in the service end as the technical ability of hard work home fatigue test and plateau simulation test bench, which is more attractive for Yuchai's engine performance test and technology research and development. The school enterprise cooperation between Yuchai and Beijing University of technology is part of Yuchai's industry university research cooperation strategy. Establishing school enterprise cooperation with Beijing University of technology can not only provide support for Yuchai engine technology research and development, but also help Yuchai in talent recruitment and high-tech talent exchange

in addition, according to the experience of the development of German manufacturing industry, the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises is an effective way to revitalize national industry and promote industrial technological progress. The cooperation between schools and enterprises can give full play to the advantages that schools are good at doing basic research and enterprises are good at doing applied research to the greatest extent, make the advantages of schools and enterprises complement each other, and greatly promote the progress of manufacturing technology. Yuchai actively cooperates with famous domestic colleges and universities, which is the sacredness of carrying the vibration pin plate friction and wear experimental machine and prospering national industry with practical actions

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