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Ytel has expanded its contact center function by combining flexible cpaas API

cti Forum () news on March 3 (better than 0.5 force measurement accuracy compilation/Lao Qin): ytel is a cpaas based and cloud based contact center software company, which aims to help enterprises use multi-channel communication to attract customers. In the past few years, communication methods have been developed. Therefore, ytel continues to develop products that focus on meeting the rapidly changing market and the needs of its users

our customers have experienced the transition from ytel contact center platform to highly competitive and powerful system in just a few years. Nick Newsom, ytel's CEO, said: our software based on ytel cpaas API is our greatest achievement. It has achieved unlimited growth and functions for our customers to achieve their business communication goals

in 2019, ytel's team will focus on the substantive update of the contact center's 20000 ton/year lithium carbonate project platform in Qarhan Salt Lake. The change of the infrastructure focuses on placing the contact center directly on ytel's communication API (cpaas), thus realizing more seamless integration between ytel's main expensive products equipped with ball screws, and allowing users to create a communication experience around their unique customer experience. Customer self service update includes seat and number management, in which the administrator account can be added or deleted as the business grows

these updates are made after collecting customer feedback and prioritizing, and these changes will make our customer experience more efficient. Brian keep, chief operating officer of ytel, said: simple tasks such as adding seats, numbers and workflow at the convenience of customers are very different in terms of saving time. The self-service management model creates cost saving opportunities for customers

ytel contact center now also provides a tracking engine. Users can track conversations with their contacts through text, voice and e-mail

keep says that being able to communicate with the contacts they need is the key

adjacent to the update made by placing the contact center on the AP high reliability I, ytel now provides international SMS, new user and number management functions and a solution platform

in 2020, ytel will continue to innovate its products according to the feedback from the broad customer base and grow with the progress of technology

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