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More and more evidence shows that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this month, which brings investors new confidence in the strength of the US economy. Yesterday, the U.S. financial market generally rose sharply, with stock indexes hitting new highs, and driving markets around the world

bank stocks led the stock market rise, because higher interest rates will improve the lending profit margin and directly benefit banks. However, stocks in all sectors rose, with S & P 500, Dow Jones industrial average, Nasdaq composite and Russell 2000 all recording new intraday highs

"the Federal Reserve hopes to seize the initiative and have greater confidence in the economy," said Jerry, senior strategist at UBS wealth management? Jerry Lucas said

the sharp rise in the stock market is due to analysts' comments on Donald? Against the backdrop of Donald Trump's first disappointment with Congress, the US president did not specify in his speech on Tuesday night how he planned to stimulate the US economy and reduce regulation

however, the market is willing to focus on the constructive tone of this speech, which shows that it is not only optimism about the ambition of the US president that supports the rise of global stock markets; Trump intends to cut corporate taxes and create jobs by investing in U.S. infrastructure projects

investors said that they were concerned about the recent remarks of Fed policymakers, according to which they were prepared to raise interest rates at the meeting on March 14-15, regardless of Trump's budget plan. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the Federal Reserve has previously said that the details of the White House's intentions will play a central role in its interest rate decision-making

the market is particularly affected by Janet, President of the New York Fed and chairman of the Federal Reserve? William, an ally of Janet Yellen? Under the influence of William Dudley, he said that the reason for raising interest rates has become "more convincing"

"the Federal Reserve has firmly said that interest rates may be increased at the March meeting, but the market will not listen," said Ashish, head of fixed income products at AllianceBernstein? Ashish Shah said. "Now the market is listening."

investors' appetite was also stimulated by better than expected manufacturing survey results in Europe and the United States. According to Citigroup, global data exceeded forecasts by the largest margin since 2010

traders now believe that the probability of raising interest rates by a quarter point in two weeks is more than 80%, much higher than 34% last week

JJ of TD Ameritrade? JJ kinahan said: "raising interest rates now will be seen as a vote of confidence in the US economy." He added that the previous interest rate hike had been considered likely to "screw up" the market

investors were disappointed that Trump's speech lacked substance, but the non confrontational nature of this speech boosted the confidence of all parties that the US president could advance his pro business agenda

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