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Sofa is a necessity in life. Different decoration styles choose different sofa styles. Therefore, a friend asked Xiaobian, what are the more popular sofa styles at present? Next, let's take a look at the popular sofa styles and materials in 2018 with Xiaobian. OK

I. popular sofa style in 2018

1 Color contrast

color contrast sofa style is a relatively popular style in recent years, especially in modern style decoration, whether it is purple or orange collocation, or white and gray collocation, are very incisive, this kind of sofa can create a magnificent decorative effect

2. Stripes

the stripes style sofa is very popular with both fashionable young people and ordinary people. Its stripes can make the sofa at home show its unique charm, whether in warm or cold colors

3. Broken flower

among the popular sofa styles in 2018, the broken flower sofa style is known as the king of small freshness in the sofa. Especially for owners who like the breath of nature, the broken flower sofa is the preferred style. The broken flower sofa can make the space appear warmer, so it is constantly loved by people

4. Lattice

if you think the unique charm of broken flowers will dazzle you, then the lattice sofa must be your favorite. The lattice sofa is atmospheric and elegant, and it is one of the popular sofa styles in 2018

5. Solid color

solid color sofa is a classic and simple element. If white and neutral gray are not enough to express your personality, lemon green and lake blue will definitely make your living room space different

II. What kind of sofa is good?

1 Rattan sofa

rattan sofa is a common sofa. Placing a rattan sofa at home will make the whole home environment more classical and artistic, and the interior more lasting. However, rattan sofas are more afraid of heat and moisture. Therefore, when using rattan sofas at home, it is best to avoid high temperature, avoid sun exposure, and pay attention to moisture resistance

2. Wooden sofa

wooden sofa has pure natural safety and reliability, and its styles are diverse. The styles not only have American and European styles, but also have many different styles of wooden sofa, such as modern and ancient. However, the moisture content of wood is relatively large, so wooden sand hair is easy to deform if it often meets water

Xiaobian summary: the above is the popular sofa style and material of 2018 that Xiaobian shared for you. It is recommended that you choose and buy sofas according to your own environment and decoration style. I hope the above sharing can help you. If you need more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to the website





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