The 2016 annual meeting of Stanley home appliances

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On January 8, the 2016 Spring Festival annual meeting of Stanley home was grandly held in Shenzhen Wanhua international hotel. Dr. zongguisheng, chairman of Stanley home appliances, and the company's management and all employees gathered together in a happy and lively atmosphere

gratitude, development and win-win results - loaded with the harvest and joy of 2015, Stanley home appliances has ushered in a year full of hope and challenges in 2016

on January 8, 2016, the 2016 Spring Festival annual meeting of Stanley home was grandly held in Shenzhen Wanhua international hotel. Dr. zongguisheng, chairman of Stanley home appliances, attended the annual meeting and gathered with the company's management and all employees. The atmosphere was happy and lively

before the program, everyone watched the 2015 annual short film of American Stanley home, and witnessed the rapid development and proud achievements of American Stanley home in this year, as well as the bright prospects for the future development of the company

after the wonderful and joyful opening dance, Dr. zongguisheng, the chairman of the board, delivered a new year's speech on the stage, extended a warm welcome to everyone attending the party, systematically described the impressive performance and outstanding achievements of the company in the past year, and gave high affirmation and congratulations. At the same time, he was full of confidence and high expectations for the performance in 2016. Then, President Zong sincerely invited the company's manager team to the stage to celebrate the Spring Festival with colleagues. Let's raise our glasses together and wish you a happy new year and your family happiness

when the year of the monkey comes, smile and be happy all your life. After the rich and delicious dinner, the wonderful and happy party program kicked off. The song "tomorrow will be better" represents the good wishes of American Stanley family for the future development of the company; The graceful and moving walk show of "women's flowers" is full of happiness; Sketches such as harem vies for favor and ER Renzhuan are humorous; Passionate "talk show" hit the audience; "Grateful heart" sign language dance is a perfect interpretation of the theme of "gratitude" of the party... The live program was wonderful, won constant applause from the audience, and brought the party to another climax

there are wonderful programs on the stage, and there is sound of wine collision off the stage. Zong Zong and the American Stanley home management team toasted and congratulated the employees at each table. In the greetings of concern, the warmth and friendship of the American Stanley home were full of

the live program is wonderful, and the lottery session is popular. Midea rice cookers, bicycles, Huawei mobile phones, cash awards... The rich and attractive awards made the audience ready to scream, and the climax of the annual meeting was repeated! As the lottery number was constantly selected, the party cheered to the extreme, and the audience was staring at the big screen. For fear of missing their names, they all hoped to spend their own money and win a super good luck for the beginning of 2016

gratitude is not only due to the attention and support of outsiders, but also to the unity, cooperation and hard work of internal staff. The development of the company is inseparable from everyone's unity and cooperation. Only the internal staff are conscientious, United, down-to-earth and dedicated, can we achieve the best win-win situation. In order to commend excellent teams and advanced individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company in the past year, the company has set up awards such as excellent employees, excellent departments and five-year service awards to express the company's fullest affirmation and sincere wishes for excellent individuals and teams. We also hope that everyone can take the enterprise as the core, work together to produce more excellent individuals, teams and loyal employees, advance and retreat with the enterprise, and seek development

in the beautiful singing of the song chorus "because you are" and Zong Zong's "fly higher" and "know you", Stanley home " Thanksgiving ・ development ・ win win " The 2016 annual meeting came to a successful conclusion with laughter

2015, we are full of harvest and joy

2016, we work together to win in the year of the monkey

I believe that with the joint efforts of all American Stanley home furnishings people, the future of American Stanley home furnishings will be more brilliant

on the occasion of the Spring Festival, Stanley USA wishes people from all walks of life, friends, colleagues and colleagues:

career is at its peak

sunny mood

wages are upside down

the future is endless

romance is still there

happy world




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